“How to Let Go of The World”, 2016 Sundance/HBO

Oscar Nominated director Josh Fox in his deeply personal style, investigating climate change – the greatest threat our world has ever known.

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While working on Academy Award Nominee Josh Fox’s latest film about global warming and green technology development, we traveled as far as Mongolian, risked arrest by police, and discovered Jimmy Carter’s White House solar water heater in a basement museum in China. From pitching ideas to production support, we helped produce the 30+ min segment of the film devoted to China.

“Sky River”, 2016 ORF& CICTV

Natural and wild animal documentary, co-oped by ORF and CICTV

We made the impossible possible: It’s the first time that a foreign film crew has legally set foot in Tibet. We climbed mountains with our 1000X zoom lens, made camp under the Himalayas, rode horses across rivers forged by ice-melt, got stuck in mud seven times, waited on antelopes under cover, searched for birds with binoculars, and stripped naked in a hot spring in the middle of nowhere. Two months of preparation and one month of shooting.

“Synthetic Drug Revolution”, 2015 VICE on HBO

The global boom in the market for synthetic drugs in China.

Hot on the trail of New Zealand’s most notorious drug lord, with camera crew and reporter disguised as a Metal Music Video crew, we hit seven drug labs in China that produce the famous drug Miaomiao. What will happen when you take out a camera and start questioning a drug lab owner who’s clearly high on his own supply?

“Temasek Connection” Singapore

In-depth research into the ever-changing China

We co-created the content of this documentary to showcase the most up to date technology, environment and lifestyle changes. Within intensive 10 days of pre-production and shooting, we interviewed 5 groups of Chinese people/family with different age and professional background. We dig deep into questions such as “How is China’s technological development evolving to satisfy both an ageing population and a tech-savvy generation of millennials?” Or “How do young people see their changing world, and how do they compare it to what came before?”

Ecopolis China , 2014 IDFA

Chinese business tycoon’s one-man mission to build the tallest, greenest building in the world.

A China-Finland government project spanning two years, this documentary shows two people and their path to achieve their dream. Shot at over six locations inside and outside of China.

Alibaba IPO Campaign Video, 2014 Alibaba

China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba’s video featuring its founder Jack Ma which later became an online sensation in China.

A name so big it defies a simple explanation. Through the telling of 8 personal stories in 20 unique locations, this 7-minute video helped showcase Alibaba to the world. We travelled to over 15 cities chasing answers and uncovering the personal stories that drive Alibaba’s growth.


From Shanghai to Qinghai, from young to old, from the customers to the delivery system, majority and minority, able-bodied and the disabled. These stories bring into focus the powerful and uniting influence that Alibaba has in the world. We scouted 15 cities in 17 days for the project and spent 14 days shooting in 10 of those cities.

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